05 Feb 2016

Apologies for the lack of content on this website. It was a great idea when I set up Chilli Babies but time got in the way and I haven't committed as much time as I'd like to this site.

However it is a new chilli growing season, the Vitopod is on and I am determined to take you on a journey of this years growing season. I hope you enjoy the journey with me (I'm sure there will be good and bad times) and please feel free to comment and interact.

Due to the horrendous weather we've had in the south west of Scotland (in fact its blowing a gale again today), I have been slightly late in propagating but the first batch of chillies were planted last Sunday the 31st Jan. I only planted 10 varieties that day but I prefer to do them in small batches so that I don't have 1,000's of chilli plants all ready to pot on at the same time. In the first batch the following varieties were sown - Carolina Reaper, Lemon Drop, Firecracker, Dorset Naga, Red Habanero, Devil's Rib, Dorset Zinger, Orange Habanero, Gambia Red and 7 Pot Yellow.

They have now been in the propagator for five days which is sitting at a consistent heat of 28c. I expect to start seeing signs of life over the next few days. This is what we viewed this time last year.

We are a lot further behind this year but I'm sure we won't take long to catch up. 

So the weekend is beckoning and it's time to think about what I will be planting this Saturday. I hope to get at least another 20 varieties in compost which should be the last of the Super Hots. Keep an eye on here and I will keep you updated on how things are going.

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