ChilliHour 19 October 2015 – once a month chilli hours

#ChilliHour chat.  It’s on Monday 19 October 2015 at 9 - 10 pm.  All you need to join in is a Twitter account, and to tag your tweets # ChilliHour

Follow our Twitter account @Chilli_Hour and the hosts (@gallowaychilli @Norn_IronMan @TheChilliGeeks @bountifulseeds @Thelurch) for ChilliHour to see the questions for the hour. The hosts will be tweeting out the questions for the chat, which will be:

  • 21:10 Q2. What is your proudest chilli related moment? #ChilliHour 
  • 21:20 Q3. What is your most embarrassing chilli related moment? #ChilliHour 
  • 21:30 Q4. What is the most unusual way you've had chilli? #ChilliHour 
  • 21:40 Q5. What would you like created that doesn't yet exist with chilli? #ChilliHour 
  • 21:50 Q6. How / when did you realise you had a chilli obsession? #ChilliHour  

Photo sharing is welcome throughout the chat – the more the better! Just tag your photo #ChilliHour or use it to answer one of the questions.


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