We grew over 100 varieties of chilli in 2016. All our seed was bought in from four different suppliers, Simpson SeedsSea Spring SeedsBountiful Seeds and The Chilli Pepper CompanyA big thank you to them for letting us use their descriptions. 

As we plant throughout the season, we will continue to update the varieties. In 2016 we grew the following:

7 Pot Brain Strain Red

The sweet flavour of the Brain Strain only disguises a hellish heat that will either floor you or take you to chilli heaven in a heartbeat.  The plant itself is very decorative with its wide leaves and forest green colour, especially when covered with large pods that turn red rather quickly in the season.


7 Pot Brain Strain Yellow

In 2007, this variant of the 7 pod was discovered. The plants can grow more than one meter high. Because of its lumpy appearance this chilli pepper looks like a brain. Yellow variant.


7 Pot Gigantic

This chilli plant variety grows under 3 feet in height. But produces lots of fruity superhot pods. They ripen from green to dark red. 


7 Pot Jonah

The Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah is a larger plant that produces larger 7 Pot strain pods. A more fruity flavour than the standard 7 Pot and slightly higher heat. The chillies mature from light green to red. 


7 Pot Primo

The 7 Pot Primo can get very lumpy and distorted and even grow a skinny little tail. Like other 7 Pots it has a fruity/floral flavour and is very, very hot.


7 Pot Yellow

Not as hot or quite as tall growing as its red brother but has a wonderful flavour. Fruits have the characteristic shiny wrinkled skin. Mature to a pale yellow. Handle with extreme care. Plants grow to 3-4’.Originally from Trinidad. 


Aji Amarillo

The most frequently used chilli in Peru and probably the most important ingredient in Peruvian cooking. The fruits start off green maturing to a deep yellowish orange.


Aji Habanero

Easy to grow, with an open growth habit, and produce an abundant crop of rich orange chillies which ripen early in the season. Excellent for eating fresh when the flavour can be really appreciated, they also dry extremely well.


Aji Peruvian

Aji Peruvian chilli peppers come from Peru and are of medium heat level with a strong berry like aroma. The plant is very productive and bears many 7cm long pods that turn from green to bright red with a sweet flavour.


Aji Pickled Frog

Dark green pendant pods, which mature to bright red. Would pickle well. Nice flavour, and good heat.


Alma Paprika

Very sweet, round, thick walled with good 'crunch' and fruity-tasting with a hint of heat. Pale fruits mature to a deep red.



Famous development from the original New Mexico State University in early 1900's, low to medium heat with thick flesh, good for sauces and salsas. 7" (18cm) long ripen deep red. Prolific.



A compact branching Chilli that has a very attractive habit. Apache produces a heavy crop of 2-3inch green peppers that mature to bright red all over the plant.  The relaxed habit makes it a very attractive plant in the garden. 


Beaver Dam

Low-growing, strong plants with early maturing fruit which ripen to red. Thick flesh, great in salsas and casseroles.


Black Naga

The origin of the Black Naga is Bangladesh like other Nagas. It grows huge dark brown pods that dwarf the more common Chocolate Bhut Jolokia. This is the Chocolate version of the King Naga. It also is a very productive plant. Nice sweet heat flavour just like other chocolate chinense varieties. 


Bulgarian Carrot

Early fruits the colour and shape of baby carrots. Thick flesh for its size, best used fresh. Hot and fruity.


Bulgarian Fish


Caroline Reaper

Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper® is now the Guinness World Record Holder as the Worlds Hottest Chilli Pepper averaging 1.569 Million Scoville Units, and peaking at an incredible 2.2 Million Scovilles.


Caramel Moruga Scorpion

This chilli is a natural color variant of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chocolate. Peppers mature from light green to a caramel color. This extremely hot pepper has a little less heat than the Chocolate variant.



A good long hot chilli that always performs well and dries nicely.  Producing an abundance of very wrinkled fruits that grow 12 to 15cm (5 to 6in) long, the fruits have thin flesh and are used fresh in hot sauces or dried and ground for cayenne pepper.




Charleston Hot




Coffee Bean



This is a really nice chilli to have, as well as being good to look at it is great in the kitchen, from green to red. 


Cherry Bomb F1

Early and productive, small, pendant fruit, ripen from green to red.


Demon Red

This is a great chilli for cooking with and growing in the kitchen. Demon Red has been bred especially for the windowsill and pots. Demon Red is great for cooking and used fresh. Fruits are elongated, with slightly rounded end, 5 to 6 cm long, 0,8 cm diameter. Fruit colour is bright green to vivid red at maturity. Very hot. Upright compact plant habit, perfect for containers. Upright fruits, concentrated in clusters.


Devil's Rib


Dorset Naga


Dorset Zinger


Douglah Red


Early Jalapeno

The bullet shaped Jalapeno Early represent the quintessential chilli pepper that people know and love. The fruits ripen to a deep red but they can perfectly be used when in their dark forest green stage.


Exploding Fire

Very rare, a wild strain of baccatum, Tall plants. Hundreds of small red fruit that readily fall from the plant as they reach maturity. This variety has over-wintered.


Fairy Lights



Ornamental. Colourful erect cones start pale purple, turn white, yellow through to a fiery orange/red. Good as a house plant, 1 to 1 ½ ft high.


Gambia Red

Very large Habanero pods set up on large plants - super hot and excellent flavour. Comes from Africa. 


Habanero Peach

The Peach Habanero is everything its name indicates, offering a delicate balance between proper heat and a hint of peach flavour that just asks to be turned into a sauce. The plant itself is rather compact and grows only to about 50 cm but what it lacks in height it will make up for in proliferation.


Habanero Squat Frog

Blocky fruits mature to deep red with excellent flavour.



Traditional early strain. One of the world's most well known varieties of chilli. Popular pepper for Tex-Mex cooking. Prolific. Green/red. Compact plants.


Jamaican Hot

Pods look like a Scotch Bonnet but are annuum. Earlier to mature and not as fierce but has a very strong aroma. Matures to bright red. Sometimes known as a squash pepper.


Jamaican Jerk


Lemon Drop

Much requested and very popular at tastings, these bright yellow chillies grow to 1 ½" (4cm) long and ½" (1cm) wide, with a strong lemon flavour to them.


Kung Poa

Wonderful Oriental hot peppers just right for making Kung Pao Chicken or the Asian stir-fried dishes. The tall plants are quite a sight when they become absolutely loaded with 4.5-inch long, slightly curved skinny peppers that mature from green to a brilliant red. They are thin-walled for easy drying, or may be used fresh for adding inviting flavour to a dish.



Compact branching plants that carry a heavy yield of oval fruits which ripen from purple to bright red.  The upright fruits appear above the foliage and the spread maturity presents a colourful display. Grows to a height of 45 cm and spreads about 60 cm.


Moruga Scorpion Red

This is a rare strain that is thought to be a cross between the morouga chilli pepper and the blistering Trinidad scorpion so you get lots of flavour and of course a hell of a lot of heat!  

The red morouga (moruga) plants grow rather tall and upright with generally a good amount of chillies on them that mature from green to orange and finally bright red.


Numex Twilight

Tiny sunset-coloured fruit start purple, ripen to yellow, orange and then red. Very attractive variety, grows well in pots and makes an exotic house plant.


Orange Habanero


Peter Pepper

An heirloom chili pepper that is best known for its unusual shape. It is a type of Capsicum annuum, though it is not officially recognized as a cultivar of the species. It occurs in red and yellow varieties. The pepper is considered very rare, and its origin is unknown.


Pili Pili

Bird Pepper. Fruit ripens to bright red and much liked in Africa. Bushy plant.


Pimiento de Padron


Prairie Fire

Small bushy pepper plant fantastic as a pot plant for the house or patio. Pods mature through yellow and orange to red. Plant grows to 8 inches tall. Prolific with 100's of peppers on each plant. Pods stand upright above the foliage.




Red Habanero

Countless hot sauces have used the red habanero as a main ingredient and many derivatives can be found on the market from chilli chocolates to chilli chutneys and especially fragrant chilli oils!


Red Missile F1

Low growing plants up to 10" (25cm), ideal for a windowsill. Erect, pale cream fruits, turning orange then deep red.



Ornamental with striking flame-like appearance and spicy taste. Clusters of erect fruit.


Serenade F1

Large fruiting Jalapeno type. Matures to bright red. Very popular for making sauces and home smoking. 



Green/red, thick-walled for sauces, salsa, pickles etc.









The 'sauce' pepper from Avery Island off the coast of Louisiana. Erect fruit ripens from green to red. Very vigorous.


Thai Culinary

The rather compact Thai Hot chilli plant with its bonsai-like leaves usually grows up to 1ft tall and looks great when started in containers, especially when all the clusters of chillies standing upright are at different stages of maturity and show the typical bright chilli colours of green, yellow, orange and of course red.


Tongues of Fire

Great new low growing hot chilli, perfect for borders or pots around a sheltered patio. Very compact, densely foliaged plants bear an abundance of light green chillies turning bright red, thin-skinned medium hot chillies.


Trinidad Scorpion Peach

The Peach Moruga Scorpion is a very unusual but natural peach coloured variant of the red Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, it has a much more smoother taste with far more sweetness than the traditional red.


Trinidad Small Cherry

This tiny cherry is packed with extremely strong Caribbean pepper aroma. The pods have very strong sweet flavour followed by a constantly building sharp heat. The plant grows to a huge bush covered by hundreds of ting cherry size pods starting as light green turning orange then bright red. While pods can be used at any growing stage, it is highly recommend allowing pods to fully ripe for extra sweet and aromatic flavour.



A Mexican chilli that provides flavour and gentle heat. The pods ripen from green to a rich brown.


Yellow Bumpy


Zimbabwe Bird Pepper

Masses of deep red bullets on bushy plants. This variety has over-wintered well.


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